About Us

Our team of health care professionals have extensive experience in the disability service sector.

We support clients and their families in their homes or within the community. At Connections Home Care and Nursing, we specialise in providing a person-centred approach to care that is flexible and responsive. We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year to ensure that our clients have the support and care when and where they need it.

Our Mission

At Connections Home Care and Nursing, we provide a personalised, person-centred approach that is respectful and collaborative. Our vision is to build a reputation as the provider of choice in home support, nursing and community care, earned by providing great quality service to every one of our clients.

Our mission is to support and empower clients to achieve their goals and enhance the quality of their lives.

At Connections Home Care and Nursing, we promise to put people first.

Our Values

Quality: We will maintain the highest degree of expertise and professionalism to meet our clients’ needs with our empathy, sensitivity and our personal commitment.

Integrity: We do what we say we will do and consistently uphold our company values.

Compassion: We will show compassion towards our clients, their families and the entire community through our empathy, sensitivity and our personal commitment to enhancing people’s sense of belonging.

Respect: We believe in the wonderful uniqueness of every person and will respect and support their personal goals.

Hope: Our approach is aspirational, we believe in the capacity of all people to achieve wonderful outcomes and to lead fulfilling lives.

Our Approach

We believe in mutual respect, the engagement of our clients, their families and support networks. We value and respect our clients to make their own choices about their care and we work with them to ensure that they receive high quality support.

Our philosophy is one that values people, diversity, accountability and transparency. This approach reaches all aspects of our organisation and is intrinsic to how we conduct ourselves, care for our clients and engage with the community.